Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Red Light, Green Light

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I tell people THIS story a lot to describe Skittles and Reese's relationship.  This is just the way it is.

Skittles has always been more interested in the rules and making sure others in our home follow the rules or are quickly punished when they don't.  Even though he has two older sisters, he has always been labeled "the police" in our family.

For this story, Reese's is probably 3 or 4 which means Skittles is 6 or 7.  She hasn't experienced preschool or kindergarten just yet.  Okay, in our galley-style kitchen of our old house, there is just one way in and one way out.  The back door from the garage comes straight into the kitchen and when you come out of the kitchen you can go to the rest of the house.  So at the end of the kitchen where you go to the dining room, Skittles is standing trying to spread his legs across the gap between kitchen cabinet and refrigerator. 
He has a RED sippy cup lid in one hand and a GREEN sippy cup lid in the other hand.  

Reese's has a fairy Barbie, you know the ones?  You could pull a stick through her back and she would spin around and "fly".  The stick is long gone, and Reese's is "flying" Barbie manually through the room.
Skittles has a great idea, that he explains to Reese's, "When I hold up the RED lid you have to stop, and then when I hold up the GREEN lid you get to go."

Reese's agrees.  

And so the game goes. . . . RED LIGHT!  Reese's stops, actually freezes, followed by  . . .GREEN LIGHT!  Reese's "flies" Barbie around.  This lasts maybe, 6 or 7 rounds.  RED LIGHT!  GREEN LIGHT! RED LIGHT!  GREEN LIGHT!

Then, as usual, Reese's is just done.  Nothing personal, but that's all the attention span she has, and besides Barbie doesn't want to stop flying just because Skittles says so.

Now the little policeman is getting upset.  When he holds up his "red light" and Reese's keeps "flying" Barbie, he tries to stop her and get her attention and remind her that this is the RED lid, you remember?  

She is not impressed, and continues "flying" her fairy over his head.  

Ooooo! Insult to injury!  He gets madder and madder as Reese's gets further and further out of control.  

This is the core definition of their relationship and has been for their entire life.  When they get into an argument today, I always remember these two precious little ones interacting with lids and Barbies in that old kitchen.


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