Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bee-uh did it!

More Candy Jar Stories . . .

Wow! The more of these stories I write, the more I remember.  Isn't that just how God works in our life.  The more we focus on Him, the more we remember how much He loves us.

This little story is from Lollipop was about 2 or 3 years old. . . yeah, a long time ago.

Lollipop called all babies Bee-uh, until she was about 4 years old.  I don't know why, maybe because she couldn't say "baby", and that is what she called her baby sister from the day we brought her home from the hospital.  

Lollipop was born in Germany and had never been in a car seat until we brought her back to the states.  There was no car, so therefore, no car seat.  We rode the Strasse, everywhere, or military buses on base.  Naturally, when we got to America and we tried to restrain this active 10 month old little girl, it was a fight.  She has been very unrestrained ever since.

When she was about 2 I guess, she was playing and I was sitting on the couch crocheting a blanket for the new baby.  If you know anything about crocheting, it's not something you just pick up and start doing after you are interrupted.  You have to get the piece you are working on in the right position and then you have to wind the yarn around your fingers, get your hook and usually pull out a few of the messed up stitches from where you were interrupted.  

I was being interrupted quite a bit, but I turned on some cartoons, and brought  some of Lollipop's favorite toys into the living room of our small apartment, just so I could keep an eye on her.  She played happily for 5 or maybe 10 seconds and then it was down the hallway to her bedroom.  This went on for a few times, before I closed the doors so she didn't have a choice but to stay in the living room with me.

I was crocheting at a pretty good clip and stopped to think, "Now, what is she doing?"  But I looked up and there she was playing with her baby doll, or Bee-uh.  So, I thought, "Finally, she has given in to playing for a little while."

I continued to crochet, and then out of nowhere the lamp on the end table beside the couch went off.  Oh my gosh!  I got up and went around the large chair to find Lollipop sitting behind it, grinning from ear to ear with the plug to the lamp in her hand.  I tried not to even hint that this was funny.  I grabbed the cord and told her, "NO!" and plugged in the lamp.

I sat down, repositioned my crocheting and started again.  Then, BLAM!  The light is off again.  I yelled at her, "NO! Lollipop!"  I popped her on the hand and said "NO!"

I plugged in the lamp, again. I told her if she did it again, she was going to go in her bed.  

I sat back down and started crocheting, and I got a lot further this time, but I was keeping one eye on Lollipop so I could catch her in the act and reinforce what I had said.  

I could barely control the laughter when I saw what she did next.  A little stuffed Cabbage Patch doll hand was getting close to the plug for the lamp.  She was holding her "Bee-uh's" hand and putting it on the plug.  Then she gave it a tug and the lamp went off again.  

I got up and went around the back of the chair, and I called her by her full name, and she just held up that little Cabbage Patch doll and said, "No Momma, Bee-uh did it! Bee-uh did it!"   I laughed so hard, I could barely control myself.  I think I picked up the phone and called my mom right then.


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