Thursday, March 29, 2012

2012 D-Now Favorites

I finally finished editing the D-Now Evangephobia pictures.  We had such a great time with all the students.  These pictures are mostly girls because they stayed at our house.

Here are some of my favorite shots from that weekend.

The praise band practicing before we got started.

Our youth pastor preaching one of the nights.

Our pastor giving the instructions for our students to go door to door and share the gospel with people in our community.  Their mission was to conquer their fear of witnessing or "evangephobia".   They all did a really good job.

At night, there were games . . . like Apples to Apples at Mrs. Claus' house.

During the video scavenger hunt on Saturday one of the items was to dress up like a baby and do a shopping trip through one of the stores in town.

However, the stores in town were reluctant to allow us inside with a video camera (or any camera for that matter) so we finally asked a local grocery store who was kind enough to allow us to come in.  With one condition . . . we not post any of the pictures or video on line.  So this shot is outside one of the places that told us no.

This is a "rap" song created for the leaders by our girls.

THIS is coning!  If you ever wondered and were just too afraid to ask.

When you order a soft serve ice cream cone and the person brings it, you are supposed to grab it by the ice cream (instead of the cone) and eat it CONE first.

We tried to get some firemen to dance with us, but they let us try on their firefighter gear instead.  Pretty cool.

There was a "Gallon Challenge" at the end of the last night.  Where two students competed to see who could drink an entire gallon of milk in one hour.  Two other students volunteered to join in the fun.  No one actually drank an entire gallon . . . and all of them got sick after time was up.

It was a fun time of worship, witnessing and fellowship with all our students.

This is a great bunch of girls.  I love them all.  These are not all the pictures . . . just the highlights!  

I am on the road headed to Fort Worth for a youth leaders conference.  So I will "see" all you wonderful readers on Friday when our judges pick a winner of our photo contest.  But I probably won't be posting again until next week when we have another contest.

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