Sunday, February 12, 2012

Skittles Hearing Problem

I was trying to think which Skittles story I should post first, and then it came to me. . .

Remember, Skittles is getting married in July for those of you who don't know, this is a story from a long time ago.

When Skittles first started going to kindergarten, he seemed to like it okay but by the end of the school year I think it was wearing him down. He was either in kindergarten or 1st grade, when he first started complaining about having to wake up in the mornings.

On more than one morning I remember trying to turn Skittle's mood around so that he would have a good day at school. This wasn't always easy, because he was definitely not a morning person.

Skittles would get up and mope to the kitchen table and sit there so tired and sad looking, and then I knew I had to act quickly in order to catch him off guard. So I would just begin slowly by acting like I didn't notice that he was in a grumpy mood.

Then I would move my mouth like I was asking him, "What kind of cereal do you want this morning?" but without looking at him directly. Then I kept pretending to ask what kind of cereal he wanted, without vocalizing it, just moving my mouth. When I caught a curious look on Skittle's face, that's when I would act like I was upset that he wasn't answering me. Making a aggravated face and looking right at him.

I looked directly at him and mouthed his name over and over. Then finally I would go over to him and put my fingers in both ears, kind of like I was trying to "pop" them. Moving them in and out of his ears and then all of the sudden I would just start yelling . . . (as if my "popping" his ears had worked), SKITTLES! "Wow you must have had something in your ears, Skittles. Can you hear me now?"

Which was always followed by laughter, and, "Come on Mom, cut it out."

But, needless to say, it always turned his mood around.


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