Tuesday, February 21, 2012

pin . . . pin . . .pin . . . pinterest

Here's the thing!  I know I have told you that I am addicted to pinterest . . .  that I could possibly be fired for spending all my free time at work on there  . . . and I am pretty sure that I am being suckered in to some pinterest lies as well.

But with all that said . . . I had one heck of a pinterest weekend.  This weekend, Santa and I took the PVC pipe hamper thing I got from a friend years ago out of my laundry room, and Santa installed a wooden rod across the back where I can hang the clothes I don't like to put in the dryer.  (Which, unfortunately for me, is quite a few.)

THEN. . . I took the burners off my stove and enclosed them in zip loc bags with 1/4 cup of ammonia each.  (The one pinterest tip I thought would NOT work.)  But amazingly with a minimal amount of elbow grease, it looks like I have a brand new stove!  Fabulous tip.  It would probably work even better in warm weather.

THEN . . . I reorganized the cubby holes over my computer and attached some cute little labels for each person, so they can have their own mail slots.  (Which I would show you . . . but they have their "real" names.)

I finished my purge of Santa's office. . . omgosh!  It looks so great in there.  I have a whole guest bedroom full of things I am donating to a friend's garage sale.  I'm so excited to get all these projects accomplished.

I reorganized Santa's end table beside his recliner and dumped literally 10 lbs. of old magazines and junk!

I cleaned out the other end table and organized all the printer supplies so they are all together with the printer that sits on that table. . . cool huh?

I love pinterest!  I know that my projects aren't going to look exactly like the photographs on pinterest . . . but I still love it!  I have found so many organizing projects . . . I'm going to be busy until the wedding!!!

Have a fab Tuesday!  Don't forget about B&W Wednesdays tomorrow!


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