Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Here is my life in PINS (pinterest pins, that is)

So I decided to jump on the pinning band wagon today and copied this challenge

Anyways. Basically, the gist of it is to choose a few images from your pinboards that describe you. Funny, serious, moody, sarcastic, lovely, thoughtful, happy, colorful, bright, melancholy, silly, loveable, so beautiful you want to cry -- you name it! Pick a few (I limited myself to fifteen...otherwise we might be here all day) and share them with us. Write your post and head over to Olivia Erickson to link up. I'd love to see your life in pins. Because like I said, I love chocolate -- real AND metaphorically. (see how I worked that in there?)


Source: wanelo.com via Mrs. on Pinterest


Source: amazon.com via Mrs. on Pinterest


Source: naag.com via Mrs. on Pinterest



. . . and now I have got to get off pinterest and get back to work!  LOL! 
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Daisypath Christmas tickers


  1. Very nice selection and I could 'see' you in every one of the pins! It's been pretty darn cold around here the last few days. Guess what I've been wearing? That's right! My 'love' scarf!

  2. Awesome! Thanks so much for linking up. I really loved seeing your pins - feel like I know you just through that!


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