Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dude. Seriously? That is so gross.

Okay . . . this is getting a lot of "air-time" at my house.  I always laugh when I see this commercial and when Reese's repeats it .  . . . I laugh even harder.

I also laugh every time I watch "Gladiator" and the ending scene when both warriors are dead.  The queen tells the crowd, "He was a soldier of Rome . . . honor him."  Then a senator comes up and says, "Who will help me carry him?"  

All the soldiers help carry Russell Crowe off of the battlefield and the EMPEROR (the highest dude in the land) is left laying in the dirt.  


I cannot help myself.  This is one of Santa's favorite movies of all time, so I have seen it a bajillion (technical term for a bunch) times. OMGosh!!

I love laughing.  

Candy Jar came to my house Saturday morning, and he is so smart.  He recited the entire alphabet and he just turned 2 in December.  His new thing is saying, "Have a good one."  So he is getting ready to leave and he's telling every one by and hugging and kissing us, and he says, "Have a good one."  Then as he walks past Mr. Frodo . . . he says, "Have a good one, Frodo."  

Absolutely hilarious!!!

The funniest thing that Reese's BF said this weekend .. .  Reese's is "searching" the house for a video tape that we CANNOT find.  She opens one cabinet for about 3 seconds and then closes it.  Her BF says, "You look like a guy." 

She froze.  What did he say?

I  . . . look?  like a guy?

Then he said, you barely had that cabinet open for three seconds, really?  

Then she laughed. . . Oh!  I "look" (for things) like a guy.

THAT cracked me up!!

I need to laugh some days . . . I was having an especially drama filled week last week, and needed to laugh.  (I also need someone to invent a brain eraser . . . because some things from last week, I would seriously like to erase from my memory.)

But Friday night was not for laughing. . . . it was for "An Act of Valor" and it was EVERYTHING but funny.  The acting is bad.  These are Navy Seals, not actors.  But the action is AMAZING!  The symbolism, the patriotism and pride in America are all there for the taking.  I watched grown, muscle-bound men come out of the theater wiping the tears from their eyes.

If you have a chance to see this movie. . . do it!  It is ACTION PACKED!  Not your typical Hollywood portrayal of Navy Seals . . . but the real deal.

Just a random Sunday night post. . . "have a good one."  LOL!


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  1. Love the "have a good one"! My granddaughter has taken to saying "I have had it with (fill in the blank)". They're all blaming me. I admit, I do say that ocassionally. Enjoy your week!


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