Wednesday, February 1, 2012

black and white Wednesday - ENTER YOUR PHOTO

That’s right everybody!  It’s a contest.  So you can link up your black and white photo and see more black and white shots from some really great photographers.  On Friday, our anonymous judges will choose their favorite from the ones submitted.

After the judges make their decision we will email the winner their beautiful trophy button, and post the winning photo on this blog.  So stop back by on Friday to find out who won and congratulate them.

You must submit your entry by Thursday night at midnight to be considered for the contest.

You must enter you PERMALINK for the URL, so that on Friday when our judges click your entry it will like up to your photo entry and not the latest blog post.  (Click here to see what this means.)

You may have as many photos (color or black and white) as you like on your post, but only the black and white photos will be considered for the contest.

Your email address is very important on your entry.  This is the email we will send your “trophy button” to when you win.  So make sure this is correct.

. . . more questions?  Click the Black and White Wednesday button on the menu up by the header of my blog.  This will give you detailed information about the contest. 

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So here’s what you have all been waiting for. . .



I took this on one of our walks down our road.  I have been a little busy editing some senior pictures but didn’t quite make it in time for this week’s post.  So stay tuned . . . next week I will be able to share them with you.

Please be sure to enter the permalink to your blog post. . . not the link to the home page of your blog, in the field that reads "URL". Be sure to link up your favorite black and white shots this week.  For more information about the “rules” of Black and White Wednesdays, click the menu option or click HERE.



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  1. So pretty. I love taking walks and finding interesting thing to take pictures of.

  2. I like the way these pineapples framing, excellent B & W, beautiful perspective. Greetings.

  3. I was here last night to sign up & yours wasn't up yet. So, here I am hopping around all day & I forgot that I never signed up nor did I go see my buddies over here when mine was all set up. So can I enter my picture too? It was a pic taken at the hospital when my granddaughter was born. Don't tell her I told you, but she looked like a little gnome, but I loved her too pieces.

  4. Okay, went and saw everyone & made it before 10:30 - Goodnight Girlfriend I'm pooped. I started water aerobics yesterday at our hospital's health club. Got to lose weight and strengthen these muscles & bones. Nightie nite.

  5. So beautiful! Love the first shot!
    Thanks so much for sharing,

  6. Very nice! I took a pinecone photo this week. Now you have me wondering what it would look like in B&W. I am kind of partial to color but I think B&W is so timeless.

  7. Pretty pine cones with dramatic result both in black and white!

    Visiting for Favorite Photo Friday! Hope you can stop by:)


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