Sunday, January 8, 2012

not a fan

I have said this exact phrase multiple times for various reasons.  Once I even said it for the jolly roger symbol on pirate ships.  You know the skull and crossbones?  It’s a very popular symbol among Harley riders and I always try to avoid “the bone” when purchasing gear for riding.  I’m just not a fan of “the bone”.

There are other reasons I have said, “not a fan” as well.  Surprisingly, none of them have been about a sports team.  I supposed if you are a fan of a particular sports fan it would be more efficient to say you were a fan of that team instead of saying you are “not a fan” of EVERY OTHER TEAM out there.  So that is not one of the reasons.

I have also said “not a fan” when referring to a particular kind of food (granted not many times) but for example, Burger King.  At least in our little town, it is not good.  It’s always dirty and the food is less than passable, so I usually skip it when I am here in town.  If someone suggests it for lunch, I might say, “oooo . . . not a fan” and just leave it at that.

More recently, I have said “not a fan” when I really meant to say, “no offense but I don’t like the thing YOU like”.  You know the situation . . . your friend is going on and on about spaghetti-ohs or Captain crunch, and their enthusiasm is a little over the top . . . sometimes I respond with  . . . “not a fan”.  LOL!

But, seriously, this morning we are starting a new study of the book, Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman.  We will see how it goes and clue you guys in on all the wonderful progress.

So far I have watched the first lesson on the DVD for our class and it really does hit you in the stomach with the very first lesson.  Kyle Idleman asks some really tough questions like, “How would you define your relationship with Jesus Christ?” and “Are there areas of your life where Jesus is not allowed?” 

I had explored the possibility that Jesus did not have access to some areas of my life before.  Especially growing up as a teenager our youth director was always reminding us that Jesus was in the backseat of that car with us.  So I had thought about this question before.  But I don’t think I had ever asked myself to define my relationship with Jesus Christ before.  Is this relationship one-sided, being that Jesus does all the “loving” and I come to Him when I need to feel loved but never give of myself?  Like I said  . . . tough first lesson.

Let me know if you have read this books and your thoughts.


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