Wednesday, January 18, 2012

black and white Wednesdays - winter (Photo Contest)

Well, here in the sub-tropical climate of southern Arkansas. . . . it’s not very cold yet. The high Monday was in the 70’s again.  So I can’t say that I am stuck inside due to snow, or any of the other exciting tales that go with having snow. 

But I am feeling the winter blahs.

Staying inside a lot and trying to stay busy with my reorganizing tasks.  I have done my kitchen, my laundry room and my downstairs bedroom closet (that has all the wrapping paper in it).  So I’m coming along. I have my cd holders to do the cords that are in that bin . . . still putting that one off.  Maybe tonight. 

Here are some shots I took this weekend.


It looks wintry . . . just not snowy.


The sky was so amazing.  Even though I had to lay down in a ditch for some of these shots I think it was worth it.


. . . and for the black and white of the week! 



I think maybe we will make this a contest, as long as no one gets their panties ruffled.  I won’t be the judge so I won’t be biased to some of my favorite bloggers.  But I will post the winning shot and email you a little “trophy” button for your blog. 

How does that sound? 




Be sure to link up your favorite black and white shots this week.  For more information about the “rules” of Black and White Wednesdays, click the menu option or click HERE.



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  1. That's a super idea! I have to learn more about my camera to see what it can really do. I know it can do lots of stuff, but for now these are the black & whites I have. I love your shot. You have a good I there girlfriend. Have a great day!

  2. ooooo that one's gonna be hard to beat! This is a fun idea, thanks MRs. Claus.

  3. Wow! These are amazing! Yes, getting in a ditch was worth it.

    A photo contest? How fun!

  4. And . . .I am not eligible to win, even though I am not the judge. I am just the hostess. We will have to see what the judges think. Contest open until Friday morning.

  5. Laying in the ditch was worth the shots that you got. WOW!!
    I think it is a fun idea.

  6. Your b/w photo is gorgeous! I am partial to b/w pictures... of course that's all I had when I was a kid until I was older, guess I've come full cirlce!


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