Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ABC and ABC Family line up

Okay, first of all . . . I rarely watch TV.  I listen to it while doing other things.  I have a little A.D.D. and can’t really sit still.  I crochet, or play games on my iPad (or phone) while others in my house enjoy TV. 

While at the movies a few weeks ago, I was introduced to ABC Famly’s new line-up.  I especially DO NOT watch ABC  . . . . not a fan.  Okay?

But every show previewed at the movie theater had LIES as the premise of the show.  EVERY single one! 

Two of the shows had “Lying or Liars” in the name.  Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game. 

Jane by Design – a girl “pretends” to be something she is not.

Switched at Birth – these two girls lives are based on lies.

Not to mention all the episodes based on lies on other shows like Desperate Housewives,

But the worst show preview I saw was for “Revenge”.  This whole show is based on this woman getting revenge for her father’s death. 

We tend to gravitate toward Discover ID channel or TLC and lately just enjoy some Big Bang Theory re-runs on TBS.

I would love to say that none of this bothers me.  But it really does.  AND to top it off, these shows were mainly on ABC Family.  I guess I shouldn’t really complain, I am doing what I should and NOT WATCHING. . . yeah we don’t even listen to this network at our house. 

But I just couldn’t help but wonder what they are thinking the producers of these shows.  What do you think?  Do you watch TV?



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  1. I turn the tv on just for the noise while I'm doing other things. I can't sit still either. :) We don't watch many programs that are newish other than Modern Family. I love to watch things like The Cosby Show and Everybody Loves Raymond reruns. We also enjoy old black and white movies. And we also tend towards Netflix instead of television programs. I guess the producers, etc. are thinking of making money and the only way to do that is by satisfying demand. And people are demanding crap. Apparently.

  2. I agree that there is a lot of bad shows on TV :-( Things I do not let my kids watch. Even some of the cartoons are not what I want my kids watching.

  3. from a teen's point of view the shows are gripping. the whole story behind the lying game and pretty little liars is terrifying yet quite interesting. [and they're made by the same producers hence the lying names] and switched at birth is almost a remake of an old movie from like the 60's. I guess that's just what teens tend to find entertaining nowadays. I myself do not watch pretty little liars, but i do watch the lying game and switched at birth. It's just what we seem to be interested these days.


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