Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Letter and a GIVEAWAY from wonderland

hello everyone,

Mrs.Claus left me one ticket to the North Pole and invited me to make myself comfortable around here today, because I've a Christmas wish that you all can help me achieve and she is definitely Mrs.Claus (if you had a doubt). take a cup of hot chocolate and stay for a little while.
so, first things first, my name is Ana and I blog in 'wonderland' (I'm a sort of fairy around there). I'm also a hobbyist photographer and my Christmas wish is to have one hundred Followers (Google Friends Connect) through December 25th. I will tell you a little bit about my story but please remember to visit my blog and click on the blue button that says 'Join this site' under 'Wonderful Friends' it will be worthy. I've a giveaway waiting for you there today. I chose one of my favourite prints, size 12x8, and one lucky friend will get it (you've to go there to see it).

you must be asking what is so worthy to see in my blog to Follow it, one thing is certain you will get to know me and I'm funny. I blog every day. mainly photographs I take. beautiful things like the print I'm giving away.
every Wednesday I also publish a photo challenge named 'Earth Wonders'. each week there is a new theme and you can see them all here (tomorrow's theme is: Flowers). on Sunday everyone is invited to vote their favourite photo and the winner gets to be featured on my facebook page, that has over 240 readers.
'Earth Wonders' also have a flickr group where you're all invited to share the wonders of our planet in no particular order. every week some of those photographs are featured on the blog and added to my Pinterest board.

I've to admit I feel really blessed by this awesome lady who simply lend me her blog to introduce myself to all of you. I've other projects and another photo challenge but that would be to much information for someone who is going to start Following me and will get all the news as they come along. right? anyway, as promised, here is a little bit about my story. I've two sister and a niece I adore. I was a journalist for twelve years but am retired since 2010 due to health issues. I published a poetry book in 2009 (and also planted an orange tree). don't have children of my own but live with four cats that are the laugh of my days. they're so cute and funny. if you're a dogs lover not to worry I love them too, I only live on a tiny flat (lack of room for a bigger pet). I'm not sure if my english is funny because I'm portuguese. english is not my birth language, I only learned it in school. but if it's funny, at least I made you smile. I hope.

happy holidays to all
~ Ana

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  1. Thanks for hosting today! I love all your photography challenges. . . even if I don't have time to enter all of them.

  2. thank you sweetie :) it was an honour. xxo


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