Monday, December 5, 2011

guest blogger - wonderland

wonderland by anaeugenio

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to meet my guest blogger,  Ana Eugénio.

I really need to take some time to get caught up on laundry . . . Christmas decorating and of course, photo editing so I am taking a break from blogging. . . but you will LOVE Ana!  So come back tomorrow and check it out.  Also don't forget to click on her GFC so she can get more followers!

While I sit here (Sunday afternoon . . . photo shoot rained out) . . . listening to Christmas carols while I edit photos. . . I am reminded of how blessed I am and I thank God for  . . . enough.

I have enough. . . so you don't have to get me a present this Christmas. 

I have enough tears to remind me how to be joyful. 

I have enough rain to appreciate the sunny days. 

I have enough sickness to appreciate when I am well. 

I have enough lonliness to appreciate good friends and good times. 

But also . . . 

I have enough clothes to be warm (and decent). 

I have enough food to be filled (and fat). 

I have enough toys to occupy my time. 

I have enough house to keep me dry and safe. 

I have enough vehicles to get me where I want to go. 

I have enough family and friends to keep me company. 

I have Jesus . . . enough said. 


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  1. I just announced you as the winner of the MyMemories Suite 2 software! Congrats! I'll send you an email in just a minute!

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