Friday, December 30, 2011

. . . get set . . .

Sooooo. . . . 

while I am busy reorganizing and rethinking how each and every corner of my "overstuffed" house is going to be transformed . . .

I need to remind you again of the fabulous giveaway for tomorrow night.  Don't forget to come back after the ball drops and enter to win a great hand made scarf!  For all those cold winter days coming up this year.  You will need to stay warm.

I promise I will post some fabulous Christmas highlights tomorrow, they are exporting as we "speak".  Then you can see what we all look like EARLY in the morning. . . Reese's couldn't sleep this year . . . she just had to see what Santa left for her.  LOL!

There is more to life than simply winning giveaways and blogging.  I hope that all you wonderful readers out there have better things to do on New Year's Eve than to see on-line and enter contests.  That is why the giveaway is open until January 2, 2012 at midnight.  So you have plenty of time to recover from all that partying Saturday night!


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  1. Thank you for your good wishes.
    And I wish you a safe and happy holiday
    and a fulfilling 2012.
    I enjoy your blog!

  2. Partying? I haven't partied since before the first lovely was born! LOL I can see the pictures now of everyone with their champagne glasses filled, dancing and smiling and laughing and me sound asleep. :)

    Happy New Year! Can't wait to see the Christmas photos!


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