Friday, December 16, 2011

bucket list

Well, I was recently on Pinterest . . . yeah . . .I’m always on Pinterest. 

Anyway . . .
I saw this website:
started thinking. . .
this is kind of dumb for a bucket list. . .

I’ve done a lot of things on this list already. . .

First few things I saw:

Have a baby.  DID THAT! (4 times)

Be called Mommy.  DID THAT!

Be present at a birth.  DID THAT!

Be a good parent.  OKAY?  DO YOU NEED A PIN FOR THAT?

Then I clicked on some of the other categories. . .
Own a  pearl necklace.  DID THAT!
Own a Mustang.  DID THAT!
Own a Nikon.  DID THAT!
Own an iPod. DID THAT!
Own a Harley Davidson.  DID THAT!

Wow . . . I own a lot of things on THIS person’s list.
This website/tumblr account has a lot to do with purchasing things, and this being the Christmas of less IS more . . . I’m not sure how many of those things are bucket list worthy.
Then I hit. . . .
Own a collection of high-end makeup.   SCRATCH (nope, not interested)
Own something by Betsey Johnson.  SCRATCH (who?)
Own a pair of superhero underwear.  SCRATCH and DOUBLE –SCRATCH (nope)

So what about REAL bucket things, like:

Take my kids on an amazing vacation.  DID THAT!

Throw a pool party. DID THAT!

Work in an ice cream shop.  DID THAT!


So I’ve done a lot of things on THIS person’s list already.

But what about MY list?
It’s definitely something to think about. . .
If I died tomorrow I would be with my Jesus and I would have all I ever needed or wanted.
While I am here . . .

I want to love more people.

I want to see more good in people.

I want to dress up and go out.

I want to stay in my pajamas and stay in.

I want to cry . . .

. . . and laugh till I cry.

I want to take some amazing pictures . . .

and then I want to take even more amazing pictures.

but . . .

a real bucket list . . .

I’ll get back to you on that one!

While you are waiting you can check out my blogger friends’ list and see her progress too!  CLICK HERE


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