Wednesday, December 7, 2011

black and white Wednesdays - book lover

Last weekend I was only able to do one photo session due to the ALL DAY rain event on Sunday . . . sorry B.  Maybe when B. gets back from his mission trip to Peru we can find a weekend to do his session.   H.’s shoot was a lot of fun even though it was a little windy and cloudy, I think we got some great shots.


Here are some of my favorites!


H. is a senior this year and is one of the students in our youth group, 4:12.



H. is also an accomplished vocalist and a member of our high school choir as well as our praise team at our church.


Don’t you just love her eyes?


Be sure to link up your favorite black and white shots this week.  For more information about the “rules” of Black and White Wednesdays, click the menu option or click HERE.



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  1. Hi there! Got mine working this week. Maybe I'm not understanding the concept of your meme. Check mine out & see what I'm doing wrong if anything. Thanks a bunch! Have a good one.

  2. These are fantastic - love the bw.

  3. Great shot...and those shoes! How can she wear those?!

  4. Whoops! I totally blew adding my name to the first link.

    Sorry Mrs. Clause! Be a dear and don't tell Santa I'm impatient and never read directions. What he doesn't know wont hurt him. :)


    Wonderful pictures ~ your subjects are beautiful and those SHOES!!!! Awesome!

  5. I love reading, beautiful pictures with a beautiful model.

  6. Love these pictures. I really love the contrast in the first picture

  7. So this is on Wednesday okay I have to make a note of it some how. Maybe your Black & White button should say Wednesday so everyone would know. Okay see you then - promise! Hope you having a great weekend.


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