Sunday, November 13, 2011

they met

Well, I got to do an engagement session with our son and his wonderful fiancé this past weekend. 
Skittles and Kisses met in college in their World Lit II class at Southern Arkansas University last year. 

I remember when I was in Tulsa that year for Santa’s bowling tournament and the text message read,
“Mom I’m talking to a girl.” 
If you are not familiar, this is the pre-dating phrase used, at least in our area, for the stage when you don’t know if you are going out, but you are interested and if you are “talking” it is mutual. 
(Yes, I used their real names for their shot.)
They had World Lit II together so Kisses thought it would be cute to bring her Lit book and do something with it for the engagement pictures.  I typed up a “paper” and thought that would be a fun way to remember where and how they met (not that they would forget), but it’s the details that make the photograph.
They started “going out” on October 15th and that’s how they became . . . . Skittles & Kisses!
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  1. Aww that is such a cool way to meet. Love the last picture too.


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