Saturday, November 12, 2011


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I started my pinterest account because I saw all these cute ideas for senior pictures and wanted to remember those ideas when I did pictures for students who were going to graduate (not senior adults).  Some people are seriously addicted to it, and other people mildly addicted, but one thing is for sure . . . I get a lot of great ideas from looking around on pinterest.  If you don’t have an account . . . you should be careful about getting one, it can become habit forming.

However, rarely do the wonderful things I see on pinterest turn out ANYTHING like the picture . . . duh, right?
But I was very pleased with these “phone” shots.
This was really a combination of a lot of ideas I got from pinterest. (not just this one)  I am pretty sure that’s what it is for . . . sharing ideas.  I follow Pixel Perfect blog, if you don’t you really should she’s a “real” photographer.
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  1. I just recently discovered pinterest and am in love with it!


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