Monday, November 21, 2011

Gotcha Day

I don't guess I have ever written about "Gotcha Day" on here before.  But I am pretty sure that I have told you about my sister and her husband adopting both their daughters from China.
“Gotcha Day” is the day they celebrate when the ladies at the orphanage brought the babies into the room and my sister got to hold her for the very first time ever.
This was the picture my sister got when they found out H. was going to be in our family . . . and . . . .
. . . this was from their “modeling” session (LOL!) this year.  Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous?
H. is the youngest, of the two daughters they adopted both from China.  Such attitude!  She is such a sweet girl.  Each year, as I see her grow and change I thank God that she is in our family.
I remember the emails my sister would send with little bits of information.  A picture.  A deadline for this form or that interview.  It was all so exciting!  Then the day came for them to bring her home from China.  

The sweetest story I have about H. is out of the blue one day she went up to my sister and said, “Do you remember Aunt S.?” (that’s me) and my sister said, “Yes.”  H. said, “I miss her.  We need to see her again.”  She is such a sweetie.
Just wanted to say, "Happy Gotcha Day!"  I love you H!!! Can’t imagine life without you.

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  1. I love the the idea of gotcha day, how special. Love all your pictures on your blog, what a gift you have!


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