Tuesday, November 29, 2011

. . . food

Thanksgiving isn’t ALL about the food, but I did take a lot of pictures of the food . . . I know you are probably tired of turkey, but check out these pictures.
Our Thanksgiving was really relaxing this year.  It was cloudy, then cold, then rainy and when we left they got SNOW!
I even made Chicken and Dumplings for Thanksgiving dinner.  First time I have ever made them for Thanksgiving.  They all said they liked them. But it was kind of short notice to make them, when one of the other sisters had to work and couldn’t bring them. I used the Bisquik recipe and fried the chicken, instead of boiling it. . . I know I’m weird, but they tasted good. I also added some Cream of Chicken soup to make some extra gravy, but they were still a little dry from sitting in the crock pot so long.

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey and green bean casserole. 

I told you that this year’s shopping trip was different, but the whole Thanksgiving was different too.  We weren’t all rushing around trying to buy all the latest and greatest things like in year’s past.  We played games and just sat around doing nothing, which was the best way to spend time with family.  Still thanking God for family, food and fun.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow and by introduced to my great niece . . .Sprinkles!


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  1. Everything looks amazing!! Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great thanksgiving! Your food all looks delicious. We didn't have green bean casserole this year - Katie got to design the menu (righfully so) since it was at her house. I plan to make some this week just for me!

  3. It was like that here too. For everyone but me. LOL I love your pictures!

  4. When I married my American husband (not to differentiate him from any other of my husbands, because there really is only the one) he came with a Mother-in-Law. A wonderful person, we miss her. Anyhow, she introduced me to Green Bean Casserole. Had never even heard of such a concoction before the wedding. Now my children and whole extended family even on the Canadian side, all think like you: it's not Thanksgiving or Christmas if there is no GB casserole to laden the table! Yummy in the tummy!!!


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