Friday, November 4, 2011

the chair

Disclaimer:  Get the tissues out for this one.  This is a true story. 
I was asked months ago by a sweet young lady who works in my office to take senior pictures of her daughter and niece.  I agreed and then we just had to wait until everyone’s schedules matched up.  And to be honest, until the weather broke, because when she asked me it was still over 100 degrees every day.
I agreed and in the months between then and now, the girls had been trying to decide what and how they wanted the pictures and what to wear for this photo shoot. 
They asked if they could bring a chair with them to the photo shoot and of course, I said they could.
This is such a cool chair, I just love how it matches the autumn colors on this road. 

This wasn’t just some cool chair they had found at a garage sale.  No, this was their grandfather’s chair.  Since these two girls are cousins they each had a special bond to their grandfather who died a little over a year ago.DSC_2570pub
I guess everyone’s grandfather has “a chair” well this was “his chair” the one he always sat in when he came home from work. The chair where he sat when they climbed up on his lap when they were little.  The one they will always associate with “the world’s greatest Poppa”. 


How sweet is this, that two teenage girls for their senior pictures would choose to honor their grandfather.  I think this shows a lot of character.
Hope you have a blessed weekend!  I am booked for this weekend too, so more pictures coming next week.  Hope you stop by and check them out.
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  1. What a beautiful story. What beautiful girls. I love the photo with their poppa's photo in his chair.

  2. Yup, thanks for the warning. These days I cry at everything and I had tears reading this. These pictures are lovely and so are the girls.

  3. Wow...great pic and such a sweet story! Glad to have found your blog.


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