Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aunt Y


Today is a “sad day” as Kisses would say.


Santa’s Aunt Y, passed away early this morning. 


She was such an amazing person, words fail me. 

Even though she lived in Alabama which is about 7 hours away, she was such a huge part of our lives. 



In Alabama  . . . Santa is holding baby Skittles on the left, and Aunt Y. is holding another little cousin on the right.


Fourth of July’s

In Arkansas . . . Aunt Y. is the fourth one from the left, and Skittles is the one next to me with the broken arm.  The little cousin from above is the girl in the red shorts and white shirt.  (Time sure does fly.)


Aunt Y was the leader of our Shop-O-Rama shopping trips on Black Fridays. One year we were featured on the Jonesboro, AR news because of our reindeer antlers and Aunt Y was spotlighted for “prancing” in the street. At the end of the interview she was shaking her booty for the camera. Always so much fun!


She is the one on the Santa’s right knee, that’s on YOUR left.  (Well, not my Santa, but the mall Santa.)  This was the last shopping trip I went on with Aunt Y. in 2009.  After this the Alzheimer's was too advanced and she didn’t really know us.  Last shopping trip in 2010 just wasn’t the same. 


Aunt Y was 69 years old when Bit O Honey and Tootsie Pop (they are the ones in the green shirts) went to Alabama with us for Thanksgiving.  Aunt Y was out-running these two teenage girls in the mall.  I remember Bit O Honey stopping and holding her side at 15 years old.  I told her, “She’s 69!  You can’t keep up?”

I remember when I went to her house for the first time I realized she was an immaculate house keeper.  In fact, there was a degree of clean that was associated with her and her pending arrival.  I remember telling our kids, “Those rooms better not just be clean they better be AUNT Y. CLEAN.”  They knew that meant spic-and-span!


The girl on the left is Aunt Y and the girl on the right is Santa’s mom.  Their brother is in the middle of them.  I imagine this is how Aunt Y. looks today in heaven gorgeous as ever! 



I miss her and I love her!



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  1. I'm so sorry that she's gone. My granddaddy had Alzheimers. A horrid disease. So glad that y'all have such lovely memories of such a wonderful person. I know that you are so glad she was such a fun and positive influence in your family's lives. I'm thinking of you all and remembering y'all in my prayers.


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