Sunday, October 30, 2011

scavenger hunt Sunday

I think this is the first time I have linked up for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, so we’ll see how it goes. There are a lot of photos planned for this weekend and I pray God gives me those opportunities so I can share those pictures with you next week.

This week Ashley’s five photo prompts are:
  • Macro/Close-Up
  • Found Texture (material, not applied)
  • Home
  • Cover
  • Tree (Kent Weakley Tree)

Macro / Close Up
DSC_2006pubThis teeny little guy was hard to capture, because he blends in so well with his environment, but he is a teeny tiny little baby toad that we saw on our photography walk. 

Found Texture
This is one of the “tree at work” trees in our state park.  Some of them are marked with signage telling visitors not to disturb the tree as it decays and provides nutrients back to the earth and to the living ecosystem in the park.


This is NOT Mrs. Claus’ home.  This was at my friend M’s home over the past weekend.  It just seems like “home”, you know?  They have this gorgeous deck with hot tub and this chiminea glowing in the night that just says “home” to me. 

Cover my face with my camera?  Most of the pictures I have of myself lately are like this one.  This isn’t a new shot, but I am super busy this weekend and won’t have a chance to post those pictures until next week.

Photography love...


So NOT a Kent Weakley tree, but this moss-covered tree caught my eye and jumped into my camera .  There were a lot of trees to choose from in our state park, but this one with the sun hitting the moss just right. . . well I had to bring him home.

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  1. lovely set. Really want to visit "home" just lovely.

  2. Gorgeous set! Love the trees :)

  3. Great job girl - love cover and tree.

  4. I love the tree shot. Your texture shot is awesome.

  5. Fantastic shots- as usual! Hope you get some time to rest in there somewhere!

  6. All of your pictures are amazing. The home picture is my favorite.


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