Thursday, October 27, 2011

photography walk

Well, I have read about all kinds of photographers getting together to have a “photography walk”.  I have never actually participated in one of these adventures, but I had a different kind of adventure this past weekend. 
B. and B. are two students in our youth group at our church and they both love photography.  In fact, both of these students have taken award winning photographs that were sent to the Arkansas State Fair.  So when I invited them to go on what I call a photography walk, they each agreed. 

We met and spent the afternoon at Logoly State Park.  So my idea of a "photography walk" was just that, to walk around and take pictures of whatever moved us.  There were plenty of things to “shoot” and here are just a few of my favorites.

Tree-lined Paths
Tiny Baby Toads

I am thankful this morning as I write this post, for God's glorious creations that I can capture in my camera.  I am especially thankful for these two students who made a beautiful afternoon more enjoyable for me.  They both said they had a lot of fun, and maybe we can do it again.


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  1. Beautiful light, great B & W.

  2. Great photos. It's nice to see what God has created.

  3. How cool is that?! Great variety of photos. They're so detailed. I'm not a great photographer, but I think that's a very fun idea.


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