Monday, October 17, 2011


Exciting news from this weekend!  Well, the bowling tournament in Tulsa, wasn’t very exciting.  But I was able to catch up with some friends.  And while we were gone . . . .

Skittles proposed to his gf (on their one year anniversary) and she said  . . . YES!!


After the announcement, we had to decide on a candy name for Skttles’ fiancé. Since she loves chocolate we chose “Kisses”. So here she is officially for the first time. . .



According to the latest information, they are still trying to decide on the date for the wedding, but it looks like sometime next summer.  Of course, we will fill you in when we know all the details. 

God has blessed our family so much.  We praise God for this wonderful couple and ask Him to bless their lives.


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  1. She is so pretty! I'm so excited for all of you!

  2. Congratulations! What a cute couple. Isn't it fun to watch our families grow?

  3. Congratulations! Best wishes to them, they are an adorable couple. Can’t wait to hear about all the details.


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