Monday, October 3, 2011

I am loved

Well, after this past weekend, it is OBVIOUS that I am spoiled rotten loved.  As you know, I got my birthday present early, so I have been snapping away ever since I got my new Nikon D5100.  I am definitely an amateur , but I am going to have some pretty cool pictures.  

Reese's bought me a spare battery for my camera. . . with her own money.  So cool.  


Skittle's bought me flowers and a card. 


I got a funny video from the g-kids in Florida.  Tootsie Pop texted me.  Twix called me.

Skittles GF got me a huge gorgeous picture frame and Reese's BF got me some candy and a card.  How sweet is that?


AND to top it all off, Santa made THIS amazing cheesecake for my birthday lunch celebration at the office today.


With all the facebook comments, text messages and phone calls . . . I really am loved.  Thank you all!!


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