Wednesday, October 26, 2011

black and white Wednesdays - farm


Yeah . . .no we don’t have a farm. We live on a road with a farm, as you may have noticed from all the farm animal posts. I am sure I was not born to be a farm-hand. I do good just to help Santa with the pool duties in the summer and my flower beds. But I love taking pictures when we are walking in the evenings. Soon it will be too dark to take pictures, but for now the sun is just setting when we get home and it’s cool enough to walk without dying.




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  1. That last photo is WOW!! You should frame it. I love the angle of sunlight hitting the barb wire. Hope you have a good Wednesday.

  2. ooooh really love that second photo!

  3. The barbs on that wire look lethal! Great shot.

  4. so good to have you over at the sixty-two linky party :) xxo


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