Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekends are for Riding

This past weekend we rode to Natchitoches, LA on the motorcycles.  It has been such nice weather for riding. . . no more over 100 degree days. 


Some new friends joined the ride (at least for a little while). They rode from Texas and met up with us in Springhill, LA on our way.  This is another lady rider. Her motorcycle has orange led lights, very cool.  I just love her license plate.




Saturday was a gorgeous ride, and a really fun time for me taking pictures.  Natchitoches is such a gorgeous place to take pictures.  I had lots of fun.


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  1. Hello dear,

    I'm Grace your new follower from the TFMB, hope to see you around my blog someday

    I'll love riding, I have a friend who propose me to go on with him on his Harley, he's crazy about bikes and I'll be safe with him, he's a good fireman, I can trust him. But I didn't get the occasion. Thanks for sharing this, I have discover the "natchitoches".

    Sorry to add my link but I just created a blogger account to be able to post comment in some blogs that doesn't allow the form comment. Since I have a bilingual blog I rather leave you the direct link where you'll be comfortable to follow back

    Wish you a lovely tuesday



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