Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well, this Labor Day weekend we were very lazy.  The weather was so cool (and actually a little chilly) we sat outside and did nothing.  The pool was even too cool to enjoy.  When tropical storm Lee came through it really brought the temperature down. Last weekend 103, this weekend 86!  This morning it was 51 degrees on my way to work. 

When Bit O Honey and Jolly Rancher came out for a little while to visit. We spent most of the time looking for a picture of Jolly Rancher when he was little.  We have actually known him longer than we have known our own grand-daughter.  I know, weird.  After a little while, Itty Bitty decided she wanted to see what was in my pantry.


When Itty Bitty’s mom was a little girl, she would get in this same pantry and get a snack.  Her dad would complain, “You don’t need anything else to eat.”  and I would tell him, “You know it’s a long ride home, she might get hungry.”  LOL!  That’s what makes this picture so funny to me. 

Of course, we only live 8 miles out of town, so he was right, but she is our grand-daughter and that’s what grandparents do.


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  1. My theory exactly: spoil them and send them home!
    :) Rosemary


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