Friday, September 2, 2011

full house

Do you ever have those nights when it’s just a full house?  I mean you race home from work and when you hit the door you are playing beat the clock. 

Last night was just like that.  I raced home from work, while Santa was getting stuff for dinner at Wal-Mart.  Cleaned house, put my camera back together (battery and memory card), and then it was on.  Pictures, cooking, chasing and laughing all evening.

Bit O Honey brought Itty Bitty to my house so she could get some pictures to send in for the fair pageant.  Skittles and Reese’s and their gf/bf were coming to eat.  Jolly Rancher came out after he got done with work. 


So yes, there was a full house.  When it is all crazy and everyone is doing different things around the house is when I like it the best. Just like during holidays like July 4th when everyone is just doing whatever they want.  I love that feeling.  It only lasted a few hours . . . but I thanked God this morning for family and craziness, gg-babies and gf/bf for my children.

We chased Itty Bitty around my sitting room until we got a few good shots.  She’s just two years old and sitting still doesn’t happen much.  Snapping away at a two-year old all evening was a lot of fun.  I think they turned out pretty good.

These, are MY favorites . . . and NOT the ones Bit O Honey needed for the pageant.





Little Bit got some snaps too, after she got finished eating.  She was pretty grumpy when she first got to my house, but as you can see . . . all better!


Itty Bitty posed and posed for us.  And we would say, “Do it again.  Can you say cheese again.”  This was her “shake it, shake it” pose.


THIS is her “pretty face” pose.  How cute is that?


. . . and THIS is what I got when I said, “Show Gigi your teeth.”  LOL!  By the time she left, when I was putting her in the car seat all she would say was, “Again? Again?”  I told her, “No baby. . . no more pictures.”



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