Wednesday, September 28, 2011

black and white wednesday - storm

Last week, we had a pretty bad storm in our town.  One of our local doctors’ house burned to the ground after it was struck by lightning. 
IMG00228(photo was not taken by me, but is still protected by the copyright of this blog)
According to our local news FOUR houses were struck by lightning and caught fire during this storm. 
PRAYER REQUEST:1.  Remember those who have lost their homes to fires.  There are not enough words to say how that feels and how much support is needed for these families.
UPDATE:  No one was injured in this fire, and the doctor and his family have such a great attitude about it, they are rebuilding in the exact same spot . . . he says, “Lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice.” 
The storm was bad and this was the scene at our little office.
Water pouring in through the front and side doors of our office. 

You can see the rain hitting the door.  Literally raining sideways.

   Black and White Wednesday

DSC_0223 (2)pub
We had to get towels from the kitchen to soak up all the water.  This is Reese’s on her toes watching the storm.  I love these storm shots in black and white, because it was so gloomy and dark outside.

After the storm, that same evening was gorgeous.  Isn’t that the way it always is?  After the storm, the sky is usually AMAZING!

So the theme this week for Earth Wonders is Sky. Next week's theme is Pets, maybe I'll post about Mr. Frodo.
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EARTH WONDERS by anaeugenio 


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Wow my sky photo was one of the favorites!!
EARTH WONDERS by anaeugenio

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  1. There have been some incredible and devastating storms this year. I hope everyone is okay.

  2. I'll be thinking of your community. I hope recovery starts fast and goes well. Take care!!!

  3. oh I hope that everyone is ok and that your community is able to recover quickly! our thoughts and prayers are with you!!

  4. Great B&W storm shots. They really give a feel of the drama. I have tried twice to upload my photo today and it doesn't appear. What gives???? Can you help me? THis is the second time in two weeks I am asking for help....this could be a trend.

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  6. The weather this year has been terrible... Everywhere! I hope you got the mess all cleaned up.

    It rained very hard a couple of nights ago, then like you said. It cleared up and was beautiful.

  7. I accidently linked the wrong file.. my bad! lovely photos. :)

  8. That's okay Sara . . . the pictures are still great! We let anybody join in, especially the ones who aren't perfect just like the rest of us!

  9. I am so sorry to hear about the damage from the storm! Your friends and neighbors will be in my prayers for sure! Thanks for linking up with me today, I'd like to link up right back!

  10. I am praying for you and your community. That's horrific when something like this strikes. I'm so sorry to hear about the tragedy.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Excellent light, I love those pictures of heavy rain.

  12. I would love to meet Mr Frodo next week!! lovely name :) thank you for joining 'Earth Wonders', a storm like that must be scary, I'm glad you're all okay. xoxo

  13. I have always loved black and white over color. I just think it tells more of a story than color does. And your photos are always fantastic! Glad everyone was ok but so sorry about the loss of the homes.

  14. your shot is one of my favourites :)


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