Tuesday, August 16, 2011




or . . . Love You Past Heaven! 

This is the text message I sign with most often! Or it’s variation . . .
LYPH KKX!! Which is Love You Past Heaven a million times.  (K x K = 1000 x 1000 or 1M).

Whenever, we talk on the phone and we get ready to hang up we say, “Love you past heaven!”   Or when we have to go back home and we are saying goodbye . . . “Love you past heaven, Momma!”

The original version is too long for texting, so it has been reduced to this hieroglyph that really no one understands except the girls in my family! Since I have three daughters this is getting passed around a lot.

I didn’t realize how much until Clark Bar asked his mom, Lollipop, what was past heaven? 

She said, “Nothing.”  

Then he said, “I love YOU past nothing!” 

Now that’s funny!

This all started with a silly Chinese fortune cookie and a little girl learning to spell. 

When Reese’s was very young, after visiting the Chinese restaurant, she saved her fortune.  She scratched out the Chinese fortune on the front of this slip and then wrote her own fortune on the back and gave it to me.   How sweet is that?

I saved it for a long time in one of those little wooden boxes that playing cards come in, for safe keeping. 

For a very long time this was in that box in my living room.  You know those decorative boxes used  to hold 2 decks of playing cards?  Santa had one when I met him and it sat on the coffee table.  The cards, long since lost/destroyed by toddlers, were replaced by little trinkets. 

At one point, I put slips of paper with a child’s initial on each one.  Then  to see who would get to take a bath last,  I would close the lid of the little box and shake up the slips and draw out the lucky winner! 

The things you do when you are a mom to bring fairness to the cruel world.  LOL!

Now that the box has gone the way of the garage sale, the slip I thought was lost forever. 

Since it is found, I thought I should preserve it with a photograph! 


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  1. I love those little slips of paper like that- the sweet little printing and messages. So precious! Glad you found that! Such a sweet story!

  2. Beautiful! My heart melts every time one of my kids or grandkids or my husband tells me they love me. I think you LYPH code is terrific!


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