Thursday, August 25, 2011


This past weekend was the "official" move in weekend for students at the college in our town. There was a lot of activities, but the biggest one at our house was helping students move into their dorm rooms. ABS (Association of Baptist Students) was just one of the organizations helping students unload their parents' vehicles, find rooms and meet new people. Now with everyone moved in . . . well it's time for classes to start.

Yesterday was officially the first day of college for Reese’s.

Since Reese's BF already attends college and works at the college . . .well she had an inside track and got the private personalized tour from him. Still she was a little apprehensive at first, but then when she realized the freedom that came with college, it was very liberating. When she stopped by the office for lunch, she was excited that her second class of the day was over in about half the time.

It’s hard to explain to a high school student who has been "imprisoned” most of their life behind the bars of public school, just how different college really is. But no need now.


First day, done.

Feeling truly blessed as I watch my children grow into some pretty amazing people.



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  1. How exciting for Reese's... and for mom. It is so cool to watch our kids become adults. I'm sure she'll be a successful co-ed!


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