Saturday, July 30, 2011


Okay, here is the deal people . . . .

I am not on facebook AT WORK anymore. 

This is not imposed by my boss (Santa) who is very cool with facebook.  This is SELF-IMPOSED. 

My problem is not “facebook”  . . . it is (*sighs*)

facebook games


I admit that I cannot stop playing them once I start.  I love to play them while everyone else is watching their favorite shows on TV.  I’m really not that in to TV, I listen to it more than I watch it.  So while they are all glued to it, I am clicking away on my various facebook games, kicked back in my recliner . . . relaxing.  This is why I don’t want to remove the games from my facebook account.

However, at work I do not need to be playing these games.  So . . . I have imposed a ban on facebook on my work computers.  Yes, it was a little clunky at first, since everything now seems to be connected to facebook (including this blog), but I made it a whole week without facebook at work last week so I think I will be okay.

This blog automatically posts to facebook without the need for me to be online, which is nice.  Networked Blogs is the bomb, if you are not hooked up with them, you should be . . .  85% of my traffic is from Networked Blogs!

Rentinfo Menu2

Some of you use facebook as a way to communicate with me and you need to know that 8:00 am – 5:00 pm belong to my boss . . . NOT facebook!  Email still works . . . text messages still work . . . or hey old school just call me!  These methods of communication are still available and are probably a little more reliable as well.

You can still “like” these posts on facebook and I will see it when I get home.  But if you want me to know right away, leave a comment on my blog.  Those are automatically emailed and I can read them while I am at work.  I accept annonymous comments, I just have to approve them first due to the bloody spammers.  Like I said, it’s not facebook, but the games that I am trying to avoid.

. . . and now

(since it’s Saturday) it’s time for some Restaurant City! 


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  1. I had to do the same thing but with facebook on my phone! I kept checking it ALL the time. 1st thing in the morning, family dinners, in the car!!! I finally took it off there when I realized I was doing it in the bathroom! haha! The addiction had gone to far so I stopped myself before someone else had to intervene. Can completely relate on this one!


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