Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love this!

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Love this shot from Bit O Honey's shower! I was able to use some of the light from a window in the classroom where we had her shower. I just love the heart shape she made with her hands on her belly, especially this one for some reason, I just think it is really good.

For those of you who are new to reading this blog, I'll tell you a little story about Bit O Honey. It wasn't too long ago that she had Itty Bitty and was living with her parents, got her GED and started making a life for herself and her little girl. Since then she has gotten married to Jolly Rancher, and sadly, had a miscarriage. This really changed both of these young people who were looking so forward to having a child together. Now that little Maci is on the way you can see how excited they both are and maybe with a little apprehension about it all.


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  1. The photo with the heart on the belly is great! I love using window light! It's such a great tool for photography! Well done!

  2. So many emotions with that shot- beautiful!

  3. How beautiful in black and white!!!


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