Thursday, June 16, 2011

Before and After - Pixel Perfect Hop!

Like I posted before, this is one of my favorites from Bit O Honey's shower, so I thought I would share the edit for Pixel Perfect's blog. Click on over and check out the other edits they are excellent!

I used LightRoom to find the perfect black and white version, then I used Corel PP to edit the starburst on the ring, to black out the background . . . and brush out the sunburn peel, LOL! I have used PhotoPaint for years, I was not in school when Photoshop was being introduced, so I am not a pro with it yet. But I love my PhotoPaint!


Daisypath Christmas tickers


  1. Love, love the black and white edit! Well done!

  2. Black and white looks perfect for that photo great job!

  3. the is a perfect example of a pic needing black and white touch awesome job


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