Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

Hoping there are no “horror” stories for this year’s Mother’s Day.  You know the ones that start with, “My husband didn’t even know it was Mother’s Day . . .” or “I spent the entire day in the emergency room . . .” or the dreaded, “None of my children even called for Mother’s Day . . .”


I got, or am still getting my flower beds redone for my Mother’s Day gift.  Isn’t this lovely?  All day Saturday, Santa, Reese’s and I worked in the yard.  We were able to finish this bed, but still have the other side of the house to finish.  Believe me compared to the jungle that was my flower beds, this is gorgeous!

Sunday afternoon, Reese’s team had to do their mission project so we went to the house of a widow in our church and helped her around her house.  Of course, her house was immaculate, so there wasn’t much work to do.  I think she really enjoyed having us come out though.  We cleaned her patio furniture and carport, so it didn’t take long.

I  got a card from Skittles . . . “Happy Mother’s Day from your favorite.”  LOL! And he got me a candle.

And Reese's made me this Mother’s Day card. . .



I hope your Mother’s Day was just as great! 

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  1. My girls are always saying, "I'm Mom's favorite." So, three years ago at Christmas, my mother gave them each a shirt that has on it: I'm Mom's Favorite! I have the cutest picture of them all in their shirts.

    You flower bed looks great! When can I expect y'all here? LOL

  2. That's so funny. Yeah, if I ever get finished with these flower beds I'm going to "west and wewax for a wittle while"...


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