Wednesday, May 4, 2011


May 19, 2011 is the big day.  We have been counting down the days for a few weeks now.  And we have crossed over to saying “Technically, we have only “X” number of days physically at school . . .”  So, yeah, we are pretty excited.

I had mixed reactions when I was helping Reese’s hand out some of the invitations at church.  One man said, “Really? I thought your daughter was in college.”  (*surprised face*)
Another one said, “She’s not really old enough to graduate is she?” 

So it’s almost time for Reese’s to graduate.  I told you I have been busy.  Now I am working on my flower beds around my house because I have so many people coming to stay with me for graduation, that I don’t see very much.   AND I didn’t want them to have to make their way through a jungle just to find the front door.

But I have been putting together pictures and stuff for Reese’s table at Baccalaureate.  I really can’t wait for you guys to see.  I’m really excited about being able to display all her artwork.  I don’t know how you guys do it in your towns.  But the seniors in our church get to prepare a table in our fellowship hall with all their awards and accomplishments and pictures from all their years in school.  Then after the service we have a reception for them where people can come and check out their tables and congratulate them all.


Congratulations!  You know I love you!

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  1. Wow, I think the table idea is terrific! What a great way to honor the grads and show all they've been working on in high school.


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