Friday, February 11, 2011

Well . . .

wlwI have been using my Windows Live Writer software and I soo love it!  It is sooo much better than the editor (which is kinda sucky).

It has photo album templates, tables AND every single font on my computer!  I absolutely . . .
love, love, love, LOVE 
it!  It still publishes to my blogger account just like if I had written the post using blogger, but I can use some really cool tools now!

I shipped out the Valentine’s Day scarf to our lucky winner Jan.  Now I am sitting in my warm and toasty office smelling Hazelnut Latte melting nicely in my Zebra Scentsy Warmer.  I will post the pictures that Reese’s took for me of my “LOOT” probably this weekend sometime.

I was making meatballs for supper last night and she couldn’t wait to plug hers in.  So she took the pictures for me since my hands were all covered in Italian sausage.  LOL!

I am also going to share with you some more of my quiet time lesson this weekend.  But I wanted to go ahead and give you guys a heads up, because it’s supposed to be gorgeous this weekend with highs in the 60’s.  And I have a lot planned.

Big thanks to Ashley (my scentsy rep) for all her hard work!  Big thanks to all of you who entered the scarf giveaway! 

Sun shining, snow melting . . .  spirits lifting!  Have a blessed day!

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