Monday, February 21, 2011

She IS an Artist!

I know I shared with you all before some of Reese’s art work.

Well, her art class has a new exhibit at SAU (the college in our town) and we all headed over there this weekend to get a sneak preview because Aunt S. and Uncle R. were in town for the weekend.

If you are in the area and want to check it out.  These pieces are in Magale Library on the 1st Floor.

We are all so proud of her.  She really loves art and she is so talented.  Santa sometimes jokes that she must have been adopted because we don’t know where she got ALL this talent.  LOL! 

The self portrait at the top of the collection is done on a grid and each grid square is one of her initials.  It’s very detailed, if you look closely you can see it.

I especially love the game console controllers.  She did an excellent job on that piece.  Of course, if you couldn’t tell, Mr. Frodo is her concentration.  And there is a blue Frodo at my house that she still has to add to the exhibit. 

Amazing, isn’t it?


  1. Those are great! You have plenty reason to be proud of her.

  2. Wow. I love her work! My favorite is... ok, I can't pick one. I like them all.

  3. Well....I know where she got her talent. Her Great Aunt is a commercial artist or was before she retired. Her Great Grandmother was an artist and I have one of her paintings to prove it. Her mother is no slacker with artiistic flair. So she comes by her talent the way we all do, it is God given through her genes. Love her pictures.


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