Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hosea? Really?

Here’s the thing.  My lesson (for teenage girls, in case you are a new reader, I teach Sunday School for 7-12 grade girls) was from Hosea.

We were going right along talking about Sacrificial Giving in January and then BOOM, in February we start in Hosea? (Maybe you are using this Sunday School book too.)

Wow! Really?

Have you read Hosea?  Click here to check out Chapter One.

Well, I was skeptical to say the least.  The first verse I read was Hosea 1:2. . . yeah . . . (I am paraphrasing) “So the Lord told Hosea to marry a prostitute.”

So maybe you can see why I was skeptical.

Reese’s kept telling me Sunday morning to stop being so whiney.  I just didn’t see how these girls were going to get anything out of this lesson, you know?

But we made it through all the horrible names the Lord told Hosea to name his children, “God Scatters”, “Not Loved” and “Not my People”.  He was using Hosea’s life to illustrate a point to the people of Israel.   The Lord was showing them because they had turned away from Him they were going to be punished.  Which is the same cycle the people of Israel have been on through most of the Old Testament. 

Toward the end of the lesson, we got a little off topic and started talking about worshipping idols.  I explained to them that this was why God was so upset with Israel because they were worshipping other gods AGAIN. 

Well, one of the girls asked, “How do you pray to a metal cow? I mean really, it doesn’t do anything.”

Whoa!  Then it hit me.

God works in the hearts of these girls giving them what they need from the lesson.  This week we are going to take that a little further and talk about returning to God and seeing through His eyes.

God is always showing me stuff, even when I don’t get it, I just have to say, “Okay God, but I don’t see where you are going with this.”

AND because these lessons were so “random” (in my stupid girl opinion) I had to study harder.  So this week I get an A+++ for my quiet time. 

How’s your quiet time?  Have you been reading God’s word and seeking His truth?  If you haven’t, He misses you and if you have, maybe you could leave a comment about something He has shown you this week.


  1. I'm reading through the chronological Bible again this year. If you haven't done this, I highly recommend it. It totally changes your perspective on the Bible. Anyway, this past two weeks I've been reading about Joseph in Egypt and now about the Israelites roaming through the desert. Yesterday was the 10 commandments. I just love reading the stories in the Bible that relate to what's going on in the world today. God really spoke to my heart about praying for Egypt as I was reading about Joseph's life while in Egypt.

  2. You are so my favorite!!!! Thank you for always sharing your heart. We are reading the Bible through as a church and I'm doing pretty good, but could do better. We are reading in Exodus, Matthew, the Psalm & Proverbs. I really have a hard time keeping focused when I read so I only really get to keep a small bit each day. Your post just helps me to remember that He is sharing what he has special for me. Blessings, Lori

  3. Thanks for this delightful lesson. I'm your newest follower! Julee @Mommy's Memorandum


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