Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wanna See What We Got for Christmas?

Well, first of all, sure you do . . . right?

Our Christmas present to each other was mutually agreed upon. Yes, it's true that I got some other presents and so did Santa. But our big present we just finished putting together yesterday, it came in after Christmas. Then the first week after Christmas it rained every day. Crazy!

Then we attempted to use a hammer drill that Santa had to drill over 30 holes in our concrete deck. This did not work. Well, in all fairness, it worked. But it took almost 30 minutes to drill each hole. YIKES! So today we went to the rental store in our town and got a very large rotary hammer. Then the drilling went a lot faster.

So we had all these holes to drill and now that the drilling was faster, I had to get all the equipment ready for Santa. Brass connectors, spring loaded hooks, and straps.

So these spring loaded hooks are pretty cool. You slide these hooks over the brass connectors we secured in the concrete with a special pole tool so it pulls the cover tight.


Isn't it gorgeous! So stinkin' pretty. LOL! I love it! Now the pool can be winterized and really shut down. Next year it will be EVEN better. No drilling next year, just line up and start hooking on the spring connectors. Well maybe it's not exciting to YOU, but you are not the ones who have to dig the leaves out of the pool every year. So yeah I'm excited. Truly glad this job is over too!


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  1. That is a big job, well done. The best thing about it was you did not need to climb a ladder. LOL

  2. Oh yeah, and there is a drain in the middle of the cover so if it rains, the water drains into the pool, but the leaves stay on top!


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