Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday, (JAN 10), we had a snow day. AND today our kids are out of school again. Now that may not seem weird to some of you but in southwest Arkansas . . . let me tell you it's weird.

First of all we hardly EVER have 1 snow day, much less 2. The roads were icy and pretty bad yesterday, but today I don't really see what the problem is. But I'm sure there are roads out in the county that are still bad for them to call off school . . . AGAIN. Not only that, but SAU (local university) is also closed. Which means the college go-ers at my house have an extra snow day as well.

If you didn't get the newsletter or you haven't been keeping up. Skittles has a girlfriend. She is very sweet, not to mention beautiful. Well her parents wanted her to stay with us prior to the ice storm so she wouldn't have to drive in the bad weather, let's see that was Saturday night. Skittles gf's family lives in Texarkana which is about an hour away. She was supposed to move into the dorm on Monday. Classes were supposed to start Tuesday. Now everything is backed up and classes don't start until Thursday. We love having her. So that's two college go-ers. Then there's Reese's boyfriend who is a sophmore at SAU too. I like him. He lives in town, so it's not such a big deal for him to drive home. But that's the third college go-er!

There were mixed emotions about school closings, Reese's was ecstatic, because she's a senior she doesn't have to make up snow days. Once she graduates, she's done. The SAU bunch was kinda happy. I think they may have a bit of cabin fever. They will probably bug out tonight. Too much time inside.

Things are way different than they were this time last year. Blessed to have all of them hang out at our house. I will post pictures, but I will have to remember to bring them to the office, to upload.


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