Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Resolutions - Keep Praying

Praying Does Some Things for Our Projects (or New Year's Resolutions)
1. Makes us wait.
In America, especially, everyone wants it "yesterday" so waiting is a foreign concept to most of us. Praying is a good way to take time and wait.
2. Quiets our heart.
Our passions or feelings are sometimes flashes of fiery emotion that need to be quieted. Not that passion is a bad thing. A quiet heart will help you persevere.
3. Exercises our faith.
Our faith that God knows what is best for our life is required if we are going to follow Him. Practice, practice, practice!! Without exercising our faith how will it become strong?

During the work in chapters 3 and 4 Nehemiah was exhausted and so were all the workers. They are named in chapter 3 along with Nehemiah. Notice he was not lording over the people he asked to "help" him. He rolled up his sleeves and got busy himself with the work that needed to be done.

Chapter 3

It's important to note that Nehemiah needed help, not servants. When you are asking others to help you be careful not to off load all the duties to others, leaving supervising the only job left for you to do.

In chapter 4 Nehemiah is pooped, and so is everyone else. This is when the insults of the "nay-sayers" start to get to him. But he prays and sets others to guard the work.

Chapter 4

It's important that while you are trying to make it through the 21 days, that you continue to pray. That you guard against those negative people who would try to bring you down. There are always going to be people who tell you, "You can't do it." No matter what you are doing. Whether you are trying to lose weight, quit smoking or just make up your freakin' bed every morning.

Even the voices inside our own head can tell us that it's pointless to keep going. Sometimes we can be our own worst critic.

So keep praying, and keep guard and watch out for those negative people. And don't quit . . . oh, unless you are trying to quit something LOL! Then keep on quitting!


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  1. Oh I am DEFINITELY my own worst enemy. I am very much appreciating these posts, BTW!


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