Thursday, January 13, 2011

I lied!!

Okay, people, you knew it would happen. . . I lied! I didn't do it intentionally. These days off from school are technically called "snow days".

But on Tuesday when I said we had 2 snow days. We actually had two SLEET DAYS!

Sunday . . . ALL DAY . . . it poured SLEET from the sky. So in an effort to be completely open and honest with you these are the SLEET pictures from January 2011. They do look like snow pictures, but they are not.

As you can see from the lid of our lovely green trash can, this is definitely NOT snow. Little round ice balls . . . yup . . .that's sleet my friends.

When it first began, ice on the shrubs in front of the house.
Ice on Skittles car.
View from the gazebo, Sunday afternoon. Lovely pool cover working nicely!

But when we woke up Monday morning after it had been sleeting/snowing all day and night, THIS is what we found!
This is Arkansas Highway 371, headed toward Magnolia. Completely iced over. (Santa was driving . . . yeah . . .cause I'm a horrible driver.)

So Monday afternoon we got off early from work and I went home to take some pictures before it all melted.

Mrs. Claus' boots. So you can see how much accumulation there was.

Remember this is mostly sleet accumulation. There might be 1/2 an inch of snow on top of all that sleet.

Across the road from our house, there are some lanes cut out for deer hunting.

But look what I found in the woods, just hanging out. Isn't it adorable? A little snow filled bird's nest.


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  1. Great pictures! My favorites are the first b/w of the trees with the sleet coming down, and the snow-filled bird's nest... just beautiful!

  2. I just LOVE seeing pictures of sleet, snow and ice while I am enjoying the weather here in the Bahamas. You are doing an amazing service to those of us who need to justify our flight from Northern Climes for months at a time.
    Keep up the good work. :) Rosemary


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