Friday, January 7, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

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I don't know I feel like trying something new!

1. Winter is the season after Fall. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.

2. Summer is a funny word. They should have named it HOTTER!!

3. If it were summer instead of winter right now I'd be freaked out right now, cause we just had Christmas!

4. My favorite thing to do in winter is do my taxes while snow skiing and eating sushi. Just kidding, I eat sushi and THEN do my taxes, I have priorities you know.

5. My favorite thing to do in summer is skydiving while sewing pillowcases and having a Throw Down with Bobby Flay.

6. The ideal outfit for a sunny summer day is sporty capris, flip flops, and a t-shirt and sunglasses of course.

7. The ideal outfit for a frigid winter day is a couple of shirts with a hoodie, tights under jeans and warm, cozy boots.

Smile! It's Friday!!!

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