Friday, December 10, 2010

Ten on the Tenth

So, it's the 10th of December and this is my Top 10 List for December.  In other words, my ten favorite things about Christmas.

10.  Shop-O-Rama - Our annual Black Friday shopping trip is like the starting gun for Christmas shopping.
Last Year's Shop-O-Rama

9.  Giving - Operation Christmas Child really started my Christmas spirit off with a bang this year.  The joy in your heart from giving to another person cannot be beat!

8.  Wishing for snow - Especially here, wishing for snow is a long standing tradition.  It RARELY ever happens, but maybe this year (crosses fingers).
Snow man from FEBRUARY, not DECEMBER!

7.  Christmas Music - December 1, Mrs. Claus switches her playlist on her iPod to Christmas, and it's ON!!  Christmas music always puts me in the spirit for Christmas!

6.  Christmas Lights - Absolutely have to have at least one drive-by night where I listen to Christmas music and look at Christmas lights in my town.  

5.  Excitement - the intense excitement and wonder of children on Christmas has not been matched in my lifetime.  Hoping and wishing for that ONE grand present.  Kids too excited to sleep.  Setting out just the right treat for Santa to ensure the proper reward.
Reese's and Skittles 1994 or so.

Reese's wishing she could go on Shop-O-Rama . . . 1998 or so.

4.  Memories - remembering Christmases with my Dad and Christmases growing up, nothing beats them.  Oddly wrapped packages that were our Dad's specialty, stockings filled with nuts and fruit, sitting on the floor register trying to get warm, lying under the Christmas tree looking at the ornaments and the lights.  Sweet.  

Mrs. Claus 7 years old.

See I have had a long standing relationship with Santa. LOL!  Mrs. Claus about 2 years old. 

The Jolly Family.  Seriously, Mrs. Claus' maiden name was Jolly.  See I told you . . . Ho Ho HO!!!

3.  The Helpers - no doubt Santa's Helpers really make Christmas around the North Pole.  I love each and every one of them.

2.  Santa - no really.  Santa, Mrs. Claus' husband, is one of my favorite things about Christmas. I know, that is such a "predictable" answer.  I just love him.  If you met him, you would probably like him.  You might not "love" him.  I'm guessing that if I met any of your husbands I might like them, but I probably wouldn't "love" them.  

Santa and I have been through a lot, and some of you reading right now don't know the half of it.  But it's not an exaggeration to say that we still act like newlyweds even though we have been married over 20 years.  He still laughs and my jokes and I still laugh when he "burp talks".  It's not whether or not YOU get it, it's about US!!

1.  Jesus - Of course the number one thing I love about Christmas is Jesus Christ!  He is with me everyday, every minute, every second.  If you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, why not start 2011 with a brand new life?  Email me if you need to know how to have a life that's like Christmas every single day.

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