Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday's Music with Xmas Dolly!

THIS is so amazing! I imagine that if I saw this LIVE, I would have chills! And since we celebrated Jesus' birth I thought this would be appropriate for the King of Kings!


I know it's past Christmas . .. but I just had to post this one! I am Mrs. Claus you know? LOL!!

Besides I have been chosen for the SPOT LIGHT DANCE!! Woo hoo!! I'm so excited! Be sure to join in all the fun with Xmas Dolly!!


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  1. Congrats on being featured in the spotlight dance this week! I love that flash mob choir and your Nat King Cole classic was lovely too. A perfect pick for you! ;-)

    I love Christmas. :-)

  2. Congrats on the Spotlight Dance!!!

    I've never heard the Mrs. Santa Claus song. It's great!!! I just love Nat Kind Col's voice. So mellow!

    I found that flash mob right after it was posted on youtube. It's great!!!

  3. Congrats on the Spotlight Dance! :)

    I loved the flash mob - I've watched it several times over the last week, it's goosebump inducing! ;) And the Mrs. Santa Claus song is awesome! :)

    MMMM: Politically Correct Holiday

  4. Congratulations Ms Claus!!! You look good in the spotlight! :)
    Enjoyed all your picks...I'm behind so I listened to several days worth! Thanks!

  5. Congrats for being in the spotlight dance this week.
    Love love this video.
    Got my Christmas spirit moving when I first heard it and again today!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Congrats on being featured in the spotlight couple.

    These are songs are great! gosh the first one gives me chills all the time!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  7. Congratulations on being in the spotlight this week, I can think of NO other person that would be perfect for this week.
    I love the flash mob of the Halelujah chorus and have also watched it several times over the last couple of weeks, getting chills every single time. Thanks for sharing it one more time.
    I have never heard the Mrs. Santa Claus song before, but it is just perfect for you, I love it. So glad you posted it, you SO deserce it.
    Have a marvelous week and a very happy new year.

  8. Congrats my friend on being in the Spotlight! I've got to tell you I've never heard that song of Mrs. Santa Claus by Nat King Cole, but if anyone could find that song it would be you. LOL I love it! Thanks for playing along. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A VERY HEALTHY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!~


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