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Guest Blogger - Kelly from Blue Frog Legs

Kelly from Blue Frog Legs
Today's guest blogger is Kelly author of Blue Frog Legs. So, Kelly is another blogger that I haven't actually met, but I started following Blue Frog Legs when I read about Pay It Forward Fridays

I just loved this meme and started following her blog. I learned about Peanut and living in Canada . . . but mostly, this blog inspires me to actually put actions to my words. So I am not just a clanging cymbal, but that my faith actually has actions that cause others to react. You should check out her blog sometime, especially on Fridays.

MC: So welcome Kelly, let's get this interview started with my curiosity question . .Okay, seriously . . . Why in the world is your blog called "Blue Frog Legs"?

KELLY: When I opened up my art studio, I was searching for the perfect name...this just popped into my head. But I must say it describes me perfectly. Blue is my favourite colour, I love frogs (I am a forester/biologist by trade) and it was perfectly whimsical :)

MC: Sweet, I had seriously always wondered that since I started reading your blog. Okay we have had so many wonderful recipes on these interviews this year. . . So what is your specialty to cook/make/bake at Christmas?

KELLY: I love baking - and it is even that much more fun with the Peanut and I, in the kitchen together, singing and dancing and baking!!! At Christmas time we make these snowballs (peanutty little balls sprinled with icing sugar) shortbread (because Christmas & shortbread just go together) and a festive log (with oreo cookie crumbs little marshmallows and nuts, rolled and sprinkled with coconut).

MC: You wouldn't happen to have that recipe handy would you?

KELLY: Sure, I've got it right here! LOL!
3/4 bag of miniature white marshmallows
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1/2 cup coconut (shredded)
1 pkg. Oreo cookie crumbs
Put everything in a bowl and mix (except the coconut). Sprinkle coconut and roll mixture in in to form a log, wrap log in wax paper and/or foil and put in fridge. We actually love eating it frozen-like, and it's much easier to cut. :)
Totally delicious, non-cook treat! ENJOY!!

MC: What is your absolute favorite Holiday food to eat (even if you can't make it)?

KELLY: My grandmother makes the hands down best darned mashed potatoes EVER!!

MC: Mmmm, mashed potatoes. . . so for Christmas dinner do you have ham or turkey, (or something totally different)?

KELLY: Hmmm, mom usually hosts this and does the cooking, and is usually a delish turkey with all the trimmings!!!
MC: Traditions are so great and Christmas is full of traditions. What is your absolute favorite Christmas tradition . . . the one where if you could only have / do this one tradition it would be enough for you to have a wonderful Christmas?

KELLY: For me, it isn't Christmas without watching "The Grinch who stole Christmas" (the animated version), snuggled on the couch with hot cocoa!! We have also always gotten and chopped down our Christmas tree - I always look forward to that :)

MC: Chopping down your own tree? Wow, I have never done that. My tree is in a box in the attic until I drag it downstairs and put it together. LOL! Okay, so next question, Do you send Christmas cards? Why or why not?

KELLY: Always - and I almost always make/design them myself.

MC: Cool. What is the typical holiday routine at your house? You know, Christmas Eve at
home, Christmas morning at your mom's or Aunt Betty's . . . what do you guys do?

KELLY: Christmas Eve at home (we get to pick one present each to open). Christmas day at Mom's house where my sisters and their families congregate.
MC: We get to open one present on Christmas Eve too. What is one Christmas tradition that you used to do (maybe when you were a child) that you don't do now?

KELLY: I can remember getting together in the neighborhood and going out caroling.... wonderful memories...

MC: Yeah, our kids are missing out on the whole caroling thing, it's not a tradition where we live now. Gifts are great, but we have really had to cut back our gift giving list this year. What is the most sentimental gift you have either received or given?

KELLY: We have always made the majority of gifts, in my family. Even as kids, some of the coolest toys are ones my parents made for us!!! I love homemade gifts!!! The Peanut and I try to make an ornament each year, for everyone.

MC: What is the best toy or gift you received as a child (that you remember most

KELLY: my Dad made us the coolest Barbie house on wheels, and my Mom decorated it (rugs, curtains, bed sheets, etc).

MC: THAT is soooo cool. I bet it was WAY better than the one Mattel put out.

MC: Would you rather be the surprisER or the surprisEE on Chrismas morning and why?

KELLY: I absolutely LOVE surprises... but with me and the Peanut, its usually me doing the surprising - and that's just fine by me!!! That little face lighting up is priceless!!

MC: Fall is MY absolute favorite season, I love Christmas, but here in beautiful
Magnolia, AR it's usually fall weather at Christmas. Where you live (ha ha ha) is winter the season when Christmas comes?

KELLY: Oh yes - full blown!!! Living in Canada almost always a white Christmas :)

MC: Do you want snow at Christmas? Why or why not?

KELLY: Wouldn't be the same without it!!!

MC: Do you play Santa for your children? Why or why not?

KELLY: Do I get dressed up? NO. But Santa leaves the Peanut presents under the tree. Even I still believe in Santa....

MC: LOL! Cause he's real!!

MC: I just love blogging! How long have you been blogging and why do you do it?

KELLY: I started this year, about 7 months ago....

MC: How many posts do you typically do per week?

KELLY: I try 5 a week, but if I don't - I don't sweat it :)

MC: Do you advertise on your blog? Why or why not?

KELLY: Not yet - looking into that now...

MC: Do you have anything special you want to share with readers?

KELLY: My blog is about creatively maneuvering thru this life, and I believe people are creative in many different ways. Creative expression is what makes us unique, and we should exercise our creative spirit :) Merry Christmas everyone!!!
MC: Thanks so much Kelly, for taking time to do this interview with me. All you guys be sure to check out Kelly's blog, Blue Frog Legs and let her know what you do to Pay It Forward on Friday's.


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