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Guest Blogger - Kathy - My Sister!!

Let me tell you a little bit about our Guest for today . . . she is Mrs. Claus' sister. . . and not a blogger. She is my role model even though she is my younger sister. I know right? She is a true inspiration to me. Today is her birthday, so I thought who better to interview than her, especially today.
This was 2006 the Christmas after they brought Haley home from China.

Kathy and her husband have been to China twice and adopted two gorgeous little girls my nieces J and H, which I have posted about before. I am so glad she agreed to do this.

So yes, December 22 is her birthday! Every year when we were growing up we had to wait to put up our Christmas tree until after Kathy's birthday!
It is probably the reason why Santa has to hold me back on putting up our tree. We actually have a rule that the tree cannot go up before Thanksgiving. . . because he knows I would.

Happy Birthday Kathy!!!

Hope you have a super-fabulous-can't-believe-God-loves-me-THIS-much-it's-a-miracle kind of birthday!!

Let me tell you a little story about my sister and God, and then I promise I'll shut-up and do the interview. When we were little, Kathy had what seemed like a hundred baby dolls. All of them had to be dressed and taken care of all the time. I remember one time asking her to ride bikes with us, and she said she would have to make sure she could get a babysitter first. (She might have been 6 or 7 years old.) Really? I thought. They are DOLLS!! Hello?

Then she asked our mom if she would watch her babies while she went out to ride bikes. This is how serious she was about being a mom. When people would ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up she would say a Mom, nearly every time.

So when my sister was diagnosed with endometriosis and had to have a hysterectomy I was truly wondering what God was thinking. I mean, of all the people in the world I just "knew" would be a great mom, my sister was at the top of that list. I was heartbroken for her. I had to have a hysterectomy a year or so before hers and again I questioned God. I would have carried a baby for her in a heart beat! I have four children . . . and not that I don't love them, I do. But I think they got the short end of the "mom" stick compared to my sister.

What neither of us knew then, but God knew, was there were 2 little girls who were going to be abandoned in China and He had already hand-picked them to be Kathy and Scott's daughters. You see if Kathy hadn't had a hysterectomy she might not have ever gone to China and if her sister could have carried a baby for her she might not have ever gone to China. I just think God is amazing and I wanted to share that story with all of you. Kathy is truly a devoted Mom to my nieces J and H. I love her!

MC: Well, since my sister is not a blogger, I had to skip some of the interview questions. But we'll start with the Christmas questions:

So what is your specialty to cook/make/bake at Christmas?

KATHY: the past two years I have made Christmas pasta (Rachel Ray). It's an awesome spicy Italian dish that's a great change from traditional turkey which we are always sick of by Christmas!
I love making cookies and gingerbread houses with my girls! That is my favorite.

MC: So how about that Rachel Ray recipe?

*I'm sorry I have to tell you that Mrs. Claus can "cook", I mean if you come to my house you won't be hungry. But my sister could be a chef!! She can cook like Rachel Ray! No joke. She is an absolutely amazing cook!

MC: What is your absolute favorite Holiday food to eat (even if you can't make it)?

KATHY: My favorite food to eat that I cannot make is the holiday bread from Panera Bread Company! Last year I learned how to make chocolate chip pumpkin muffins (no fat) so easy, yummy and guilt free!

MC: What is your absolute favorite Christmas tradition . . . the one where if you could only have or do this one tradition it would be enough for you to have a wonderful Christmas?

KATHY: Decorating the house and tree while listening to Christmas music with my family buzzing around me singing and hanging ornaments on the tree!

MC: I know that my sister sends Christmas cards . . . duh, I get one every year. And here is her Christmas card for this year!
KATHY: Yes, LOL! I guess I send Christmas cards because I love to create them with my family's pictures.

MC: What is the typical holiday routine at your house? You know, Christmas Eve at home, Christmas morning at your mom's or Aunt Betty's . . . what do you guys do?

KATHY: We have been home on Christmas eve and Christmas morning since our girls were babies. We open one present on Christmas eve which is always pajamas for some reason... Santa... Then we wake up Christmas morning and open all our gifts. My mom and brother and nephew along with scott's parents are at my house christmas morning. It is a wonderful whirlwind!

MC: LOL! The pajama tradition rides again! Woo hoo!!!
What is one Christmas tradition that you used to do (maybe when you were a child) that you don't do now?

KATHY: We are not big candy cane eaters now but I remember Santa putting candy canes on our tree every Christmas morning! Ok, Santa needs to do it this Christmas!

MC: LOL! I remember he would always put those big fat barber pole candy canes in our stocking and I NEVER saw those in the store.

MC: What are you doing this year that you haven't done for past Christmases (if there is something new or different)?

KATHY: This year and last year, we have "fuzzy Fred" our elf on the shelf. The elf comes with a story book about how the elf comes from the north pole every day and sits on a different shelf in your house watching to make sure you are being nice. He then goes back to the North Pole and reports to Santa about your behavior!

MC: Oh, no! You have Elf on the Shelf? Skittles and Reese's would laugh so hard if they read this post. They "hate" Elf on the Shelf. Too funny. (They are too old to have gotten in on the "Elf" craze!)

MC: Gifts are so great, but I love to give gifts more than receive gifts. I love to watch people's faces light up when they open a gift.

KATHY: Me too!

MC: What is the most sentimental gift you have either received or given?

KATHY: My mom gave me ornaments from our tree growing up that she made. I remember looking at the little mice and present ornaments when I was a child. Now, my girls do the same thing when they see those on our tree .

MC: What was the biggest dud gift you have ever given someone? You know that one gift that just didn't go over like you thought it would.

KATHY: I can't think of one except things that I have made that fall apart.

MC: That's pretty funny. What is the best toy or gift you received as a child (that you remember most fondly)?
Christmas Dinner 1971 - Kathy is the one with the bow in her hair between our Mom and Dad.

KATHY: I don't remember a lot of presents but I remember getting nuts and chocolate in my stocking and dad and I would sit and crack nuts and eat our treats from our stocking.

MC: What is the best surprise you EVER received on Christmas?

KATHY: My daughter's face on her very first christmas with us. Watching her play and open gifts was the best surprise I've ever received on Christmas!

MC: I agree that was a pretty amazing Christmas.

MC: Would you rather be the surprisER or the surprisEE on Chrismas morning and why?

KATHY: I really like both but I LOVE surprising others, it's fun!

MC: Where you live is winter the season when Christmas comes?

KATHY: Winter is the season this year but it has been more like fall on some Christmases in the past. Right now the ground is covered in snow and this morning it was 7 degrees.

MC: Do you want snow at Christmas? Why or why not?

KATHY: I want snow Christmas eve night and morning. I love snow! My girls and I love to build snowmen together

MC: Do you play Santa for your children? Why or why not?

KATHY: Yes we play Santa because our girls are 8 and 4 right now! It is a lot of fun. I remember one year when joy was 2 years old, my husband got jingle bells and went outside her bedroom window and shook them. My job was to wake her up by bursting into her door and claim I've seen Santa riding thru the sky... Well, I could not get my daughter to wake up. She had no desire to get out of her warm bed to see anything.

MC: That is so funny, I don't guess I had ever heard that story before. Do J and H know about Santa?

KATHY: Joy asked me in the car a couple years ago if the tooth fairy was real, then it was the Easter bunny and then what about Santa, is he real? So, I told her the truth, not realizing what was coming out of my mouth.

MC: That is sooo funny. You gotta stay on your toes with them, especially Joy, she is so smart! Thanks so much for doing this interview. . . and Happy Birthday! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed typing it.

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  1. I sat and cried when I read this post. It was awesome and some of the answers were a complete surprise to me. Hey folks, I AM their MOTHER. Great interview.

  2. Thank you for all the great and encouraging words! LYPH
    By the way, Hailey says, "Mom, do you like being 41?"
    Mom responds, "I guess..."
    Hailey says excitedly, "Mom, You're older than God!!"
    Mom frowns and says, "not quite"

  3. Thank you so much for all the kindness and the birthday wishes!

    By the way, Hailey says, "mom, how do you like being 41?"
    Mom replies, "I guess it's ok..."
    Hailey says excitedly, "Mom, you're older than God!"

    Ha ha ha...not quite

  4. LOL! When I told Reese's that story she said, Jesus was only 33 when He died, Mom. You have to think like a little kid sometimes!



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